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Ph.D. Students

   Studies in progress

  Khosrow Maghsoudi (2016 - )     Seyedkazem Hosseini (2015 - )    
  Tel: 545-45011 poste 2033   
  Development of self-cleaning polymeric insulators using injection system   Modeling and design of photovoltaic systems in cold weather conditions and control of microgrid systems  
  Arshad (2014 - )     Muhammad Majid Hussein (2014 - )    
  Investigation of flashover phenomena along polluted polymeric insulators under various contamination conditions   Mechanisms of salt deposition and surface flashover on outdoor insulators in the vicinity of shoreline  
  Mahdiyeh Seifaddini (2013 - )     Siavash Asadollahi (2013 - )    
  Tel: 545-5011 poste 2549  Tel: 545-5011 poste: 5616 
  Modeling uniaxial behaviour of isotropic polycrystalline ice   Development of superhydrophobic/icephobic coatings using atmospheric pressure plasma jet polymerization  
  Fanghui Yin (2012 - )          
  Influence of electrical stress on accumulated ice on insulators and on their discharge characteristics      


  Hicham Farid (2016)     Fatima Madidi (2016)    
  Tel: 545-5011 poste: 2594  Tel: 545-5011 poste 2541 
  Numerical and experimental characterization of the viscoplastic behavior of ice under icing conditions on overhead power lines   Development of nanocomposite coatings with semiconductive and photocatalytic properties  
  Shahram Farhadi (2015)     Faranak Arianpour (2015)    
  Tel: 545-5011 poste 2571  Tel: 545-5011 poste 2571/2541 
  Development of nanostructured coatings for protecting the surface of aluminium alloys against corrosion and ice accretion   Elaboration of composite and chemically heterogeneous icephobic coatings  
  Hamid Banitalebi Dehkordi (2015)     Abdelghafour Bouaicha (2014)    
    Tel: 545-5011, poste: 2089 
  Study of the influence of ice accretion on the aerodynamic coefficients of transmission line towers   Application of modern techniques for diagnosis of power transformers  
  Soroush Haji Akbari Fini (2014)     Xiaoxing Wei (2014)    
  Tel: 545 5011 poste 2192   
  Characterization of a bio-composite material in view of its application in the construction of wind turbine blades for cold regions   Study of ice accretion on insulators and its preventive measures  
  Ladan Foroughi Mobarakeh (2014)     Sayyed Mahdi Ale-Emran (2013)    
  Tel: 545-5011 poste 2192  Tel: 545-5011 poste 5296/2051 
  Study of the plasma polymerization process for the development of nanostructured icephobic surfaces.   Optimization of booster shed parameters for improving the electrical performance of post insulators under icing conditions.  
  Shamsodin Taheri Ledari (2013)     Zhangang Yang (2013)    
  Modeling of DC flashover on ice-covered HV insulators.   Study of flashover performance and modeling of DC arc on ice-covered composite insulators  
  Reham Hefny (2013)     Zahira Ghalmi (2013)    
    Tel: 418-545-5011 poste 2549/2051 
  Wet snow shedding from cables due to dynamic effects   Assessment of ice adhesion on various materials in relation to their chemical composition and surface roughness  
  Naivonirina Ravelomanantsoa (2012)     Azam Nekahi (2011)    
  Mathematical modeling and laboratory experimental study of winter pollution   Spectroscopic investigation of arc formed over an ice surface  
  Chunying Zhang (2011)     Shahab Farokhi (2010)    
  Tel: 545-5011, poste 2571   
  Snow shedding process on a current-carrying cable   Mechanisms of arc propagation over an ice surface  
  Yadollah Sabri (2009)     Saleema Noormohammed (2009)    
  Static modelling of AC flashover on contamined insulators covered with ice using intelligent identification methods.   Nanostructured Thin films for Icephobic applications.  
  Alireza Safaee (2008)     Elie Lebatto (2008)    
  Nanostructured metal surfaces and their passivation for superhydrophobic and anti-icing applications   Elaboration of a 3D morphogenetic ice accretion model on a cylinder representing a non-energized power network line conductor  
  Majid Kermani-Koosheh (2007)     Fethi Meghnefi (2007)    
  Ice shedding from cables and conductors - a cracking model activity of atmospheric ice   Development of a real-time monitoring and prediction system for the electrical flashover of ice-coverd insulators  
  Ibrahima Ndiaye (2007)     Defen Yu (2007)    
  Development of Positive Streamers Along an Ice Surface : a Physical Approach   Study of Electrical Discharge and Space Charge Formation Phenomena in the Air Gaps of an Ice-Covered Insulator Using an Icicle / Ice-Covered Plate Electrode System  
  Tamas Kalman (2007)     Hossein Hemmatjou (2006)    
  Dynamic behavior of iced cables subjected to mechanical shocks   Modeling of AC arc development inside wet snow  
  Zsolt Péter (2006)     Mojtaba Eskandarian (2005)    
  Modelling and simulation of the ice melting process on a current-carrying conductor   Ice shedding from overhead electrical lines by mechanical breaking  
  Vinay Jaiswal (2005)     Changiz Tavakoli (2005)    
  Finite ELement modeling of Electric Field Distributions around a Resistive glazed Post Station Insulator covered with Ice   Dynamic modelling of AC arc development on an ice surface  
  Ping Fu (2004)     Rabah Chaarani (2003)    
  Modelling and simulation of the ice accretion process of fixed or rotating cylindrical objects by the boundary element method.   The effects of the characteristics of an insulator on its electrical performance under icing conditions  
  Amal Bouamoul (2003)     Yu Li (2003)    
  Experimental and theoretical study of the natural shedding of ice accreted around a cylinder   Study of the influence of altitude on the characteristics of electrical arc on polluted ice surfaces  
  Christophe Volat (2002)     Stephan Brettschneider (2000)    
  Boundary layer element modelling of voltage and electric field distribution along an ice-covered 735 kV standard post insulator   Contribution to study of visible discharge initiation and development on the ice surface  
  Xing Chen (1999)     Masoud Roshan-Fekr (1999)    
  Modeling of electric arc on an ice surface   Stress Analysis of an Optical Ground Wire