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M.Sc. Students

   Studies in progress


  Mahshid Farzaneh-Dehkordi (2014)     Siavash Asadollahi (2013)    
    Tel: 545-5011, poste: 2192 
  Dielectric behavior of transformer oil under conditions of contaminations and/or particles   Development of superhydrophobic/icephobic coatings using atmospheric pressure plasma jet polymerization  
  Hatim Akkal (2012)     Faranak Arianpour (2010)    
  Tel: 545-5011, poste 2051   
  Study of the influence of grading rings on the maximum withstand voltage of ice-covered insulators   Water and ice-repellent properties of nanocomposite coatings based on silicone rubber.  
  Marc Duchesne (2010)     Shahram Farhadi (2010)    
  Experimental and numerical study of leakage current on an ice surface in presence of an arc   Preventing corrosion and ice accretion on aluminium surfaces applying organic and inorganic thin films  
  Nisrine Mhaguen (2010)     Farshad Mirshafiei (2010)    
  Development of a dynamic model for prediction of critical flashover voltage of ice-covered insulators based on finit elements methods.   Modelling the dynamic response of overhead line conductors subjected to shock-induced ice shedding.  
  Ossama Olqma (2009)     Rémi Rajaonarivelo (2008)    
  Triggering criteria of wet-snow shedding from overhead cables   Real-time prediction of icing events using neural networks adapted for missing data  
  Reham Hefny (2008)     Naivonirina Ravelomanantsoa (2008)    
  Modeling wet snow accretion on cables and conductors   Modeling of winter pollution  
  Azam Nekahi (2007)     Sona Maralbashi Zamini (2007)    
  Measurement of the temperature of an arc on the surface of ice accumulated on insulators   Developing neural network models to predict ice accretion type and rate on overhead transmission lines  
  Cléophace Akitegetse (2007)     Arash Peyda (2006)    
  Numerical and experimental approach for the improvement of a method for measuring ice adhesion strength using piezoelectric films   Numerical and experimental investigation to determine corona inception electric field for rod-plane electrode configuration  
  Mathieu Roberge (2006)     Zahira Ghalmi (2006)    
  Modeling of the transient behavior of overhead lines due to wet-snow shedding   Development of an ultrasound system for measuring the thickness of ice accreted on a cylinder  
  Mandana Javan-Mashmool (2006)     Jalil Farzaneh-Dehkordi (2004)    
  Theoretical and experimental investigations for measuring interfacial bonding strength between ice and a substrate   Experimental study and mathematical modeling of flashover of EHV insulators covered with ice  
  Tatiana Guerrero (2004)     Elie Lebato (2004)    
  Experimental study of flashover of ice-covered insulators under lightning and switching voltages   3D Modelling of ice accretion on a fixed cylinder using the random walk method  
  Sadreddin Aboutorabi (2004)     Walid Eter (2004)    
  Study of critical conditions of arc propagation on ice-covered insulators   Real-time ice storm monitoring system  
  Mahmood Mousavi (2003)     Ibrahima Ndiaye (2003)    
  Experimental and theoretical verification of two icing codes   Study of the initialization and propagation of visible discharges at the surface of ice  
  Éric Larouche (2002)     Michel Fortin (2002)    
  Study of various types of neural networks in view of predicting ice accretion on power conductors   Contribution to the development of an optical electric field sensor  
  Mahin Derakhshanian (2001)     Yongmin Chen (2001)    
  Numerical simulation of corona-induced vibrations on a short conductor under artificial rain   A 2-D random walk model for predicting ice accretion on a cylindrical conductor  
  Cyril Guesdon (2001)     Carl Potvin (2000)    
  Study of the distribution of icing events in Quebec   Behaviour and effect of space charges on corona-induced vibration mechanisms  
  Shahriar Varkiani (1998)          
  Application of neuron networks to the identification and protection of a three-phase transformers